Business And Executive Coaching

Our coaches have solid experience in helping entrepreneurs, business leaders and companies overcome challenges, build confidence and succeed. We implement tools, techniques and coaching programs tailored to your goals and needs. Stop smoking!

Individual Coaching

We understand that everyone has unique goals and gifts. Our individual coaching programs are designed to help you define and achieve your personal and professional goals. You’ll succeed in :

  • Assess and gain an in-depth understanding of your strengths, skills and personality
  • Explore your most valuable needs, desires and interests and act accordingly
  • Create a clear, motivating career plan
  • Master your job search process, personal branding and interviews
  • Improve your self-confidence and control negative thoughts

Coaching For Business

Our coaches help organizations achieve their goals and maximize their potential. We improve the performance of your management team, strengthen team dynamics and reinforce employee commitment. We work closely with you to develop a coaching program that meets your corporate objectives, stays focused on your mission and delivers tangible results. Our expertise covers the following areas, among others:

  • Needs analysis: identify areas where coaching can have the most significant impact on your organization
  • Recruitment: find, attract and hire the professionals best suited to your culture and mission
  • Assessing and managing organizational competencies
  • Audits and diagnosis of growth and reorganization strategies
  • Training program design: improving satisfaction, commitment, well-being, safety, productivity, customer service and other factors essential to your success
  • Improving health and working conditions, as well as work-life balance