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What is Excellence Coaching?

It’s a combination of strategies and techniques you can learn with the help of a psychologist. Excellence Coaching can help you attain any or all of the following goals:

Increase your personal productivity
Get more done with less effort. This sounds great in theory, but is often difficult to accomplish. Several strategies can be explored to discover what will best work for you, including more efficient time management and personal management techniques.

Better handle stressful situations
The goal is to anticipate and defuse stressful situations before they happen. However, because some things are out of our control, unwanted events will nonetheless occur. Techniques can be used to interpret negative events in less stressful ways so that they are easier to cope with.

Improve interpersonal relationships
Learn to get along better with others and build positive foundations for lasting relationships.

Increase your motivation
It is sometimes difficult to do things even when they are important to you. Techniques can be learnt to increase motivation to get things done.

Become aware of your personal values
When one aspect of your life sucks up most of your energy, you begin to lead an unbalanced life. Excellence coaching can help you regain the balance between what’s important to you, such as work, leisure, and family.

Refine your decision making skills
Using simple yet powerful techniques learn to 1) identify and overcome the source of your hesitation in making a decision and 2) find out which option will be most beneficial to you.

Develop better communication skills
Learn to communicate your needs and resolve conflicts more effectively.

Develop more constructive “inner dialogue”
Whether we realize it or not, we’re always talking to ourselves, commenting on what we are doing and what is happening to us. Several techniques can make your self talk work for you as opposed to against you.

Overcome procrastination
There are times when you put things off until tomorrow so often that it’s stressful just to think about what you have to do. Excellence coaching helps you to explore the reasons why you put things off and then teaches methods to overcome these barriers to personal success.

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