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Change management

How to successfully lead your team through changes


The speed of change is accelerating, and it’s not always comfortable. It can be due to new technologies or software implementation, restructuring departments, mergers and acquisitions, offering new products and services or changes in policies and processes.

This training will provide concrete tools and strategies to help you guide your team through times of change, whatever that change may be.

Topics covered

  • The steps to effective change management
  • The common obstacles to a change
  • The normal stages employees typically go through when faced with a change
  • How to better address employee resistance
  • Communications strategies - what to say to employees during times of change, and how to say it
  • Techniques to help motivate employees to embrace a change

Possible formats

  • 3-hour or 1-day training
  • Conference
  • Individual coaching

Training offered in French or in English


Jean-Marc Assaad

Jean-Marc Assaad is a psychologist and the Director of training services for PsyMontréal. Over the last 15 years, he has offered many trainings on motivation, communication and leadership.

He is an excellent communicator who calls on the experience of his participants as much as his own experience as a psychologist to create a dynamic and captivating learning environment.

Jean-Marc offers psychotherapy and coaching services at PsyMontréal, a company he co-founded in 2003. He has authored scientific publications on motivation and psychology and presented his research at international conferences. A member of the Ordre des Psychologies du Québec, he obtained his Ph. D. in clinical psychology from McGill University, where he also taught.