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Mental Health First Aid

Program certified by the Mental Health Commission of Canada


This 12-hour training will give your employees the tools necessary to help them give initial support to a person who may be developing a mental health problem or is experiencing a psychological crisis.

It covers four common mental health issues: problems related to substance abuse, mood, anxiety and trauma and psychosis. Participants who complete this course will be prepared to confidently address mental health issues at work as well as with families, friends and in their communities.

Advantages of this training

  • Help participants recognize common mental health issues
  • Reduce alienation in people struggling with mental wellness
  • Allow participant to be more confident when helping others
  • Improve participants mental health


  • 12 hours over two days

Training offered in French or English


Rima Jabbour

Rima Jabbour is a nurse who works as an occupational health specialist in the air traffic control field. She coordinates peer support programs for mental health, addiction and stress management following a critical incident. She believes education and prevention are the keys to reducing stigma and raising public awareness of mental health, allowing us, as a society, to change for the better.