For Health Care Professionals

Motivational Interviewing Trainings

Open to anyone whose job requires motivating people to make positive changes. Visit our training section for the list of trainings we currently offer.

If you’re a health care professional and would like to have access to MotivationalInterviewing tools, PsyMontreal is happy to provide the following forms and assessment tools to help you motivate your clients to undertake positive health behaviour changes.

These valuable resources can be used by health care professionals of all fields (nutritionists, kinesiologists, psychologists, physicians, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, etc) who have been trained in Motivational Interviewing.

Wheel of Change
This handout will help you describe to clients the natural steps people go through when attempting any change in behaviour.

Exploring Ambivalence
This worksheet will help your client to list not only the pros and cons of the change they are contemplating, but also the pros and cons of not changing. This helps your client to get a full picture of what may be preventing them from taking a decision that can be most beneficial to them.

Action Plan Worksheet
Once your client has decided to change, it’s important to have a written plan. Scientific evidence demonstrates that people who have a written goal and a concrete plan to achieve that goal are more likely to attain success.

PowerPoint presentation : Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
This document contains all the slides of the two day Introduction to Motivational Interviewing training, including not only text, but also charts and diagrams to better understand this intervention.