There are magic moments in life: where we discover there are more effective ways of doing things than our usual ways. That’s a gift we should not deprive ourselves of, and that’s what I experienced in this workshop. Thank you.

Denise Lévesque // CSSS Rimouski-Neigette

I have been using [motivational interview techniques] for four years, but I still learned and internalized new aspects that will help me develop an effective and satisfying practice.

Maryse Croteau // CSSS Jeanne Mance et CSSS Montréal-Nord

I want to congratulate the dynamic duo, John and Jean-Marc! Listening and compassion are the very heart of our practice…and this workshop reassured me and gave me the confidence I need to continue helping and treating my clients, despite the time limits and challenges of our work.

Rosie Morando // Hôpital juif de réadaptation

I recommend this workshop for every professional, without exception. Excellent trainers! Role-playing to practice being more at ease with our clients.

Annick Beaulieur // CSSS

Some types of training are essential, and this is one of them! For the entire organization. It teaches us to communicate better and to motivate our clients in an era of economic change.

Francine Coulombe // CSSS de la PDI

Very interesting, very motivating, easy to apply to my nursing practice. I recommend it to everyone who has to deal with any type of client. The instructors are amazing! It inspires you to learn more about the topic and helps us understand and let go. The patient is in charge and responsible for their own health.

Sonia Gamache // CSSS

An excellent workshop! It was stimulating to learn how to lead the patient to make changes at their own pace…

Hélène S. // CSSS Rimouski

I recommend this workshop for all health care professionals, especially those who have had to deal with professional burnout and who feel the need to convince their clients, because it shows you how to ‘lay the table’ for change without exhausting yourself.

Marie Catherine Jeffrey // CSSS Kamouraska

Wow! This is a very impressive method. I will be starting a smoking cessation center soon, and this gives me lots of confidence that I will succeed at motivating those clients.

Chantale D’Amours // CSSS de la Matapédia

I really appreciate the way you present the content to us. It allows us to concretize the principles and techniques. Immediately, when you were introducing the participants, the fact that you asked us what we love and made the connection with our clients’ problem(s) showed me that I was going to understand something concrete. Bravo. Thank you so much.

Esthel // CSSS de Matane

Excellent training that offers a way to treat patients with simple, practical tools. Very interesting to practice each skill in turn. Should be recommended for all health care workers. Thank you!

Sophie Beauregard // CSSS Rivière-du-Loup

I never imagined that with a tool like motivational interviewing, we would be able to engage people who were completely closed at the beginning.

Anne-Marie Beaulieu // CSSS NL

This is a truly interesting workshop that helps us become aware that the primary motivation must come from the patient, not the health care worker. The ‘expert’ is the client. It is the client who must decide what is best for him- or herself.

Line Lévesque // CSSS Rivière-du-Loup

I really appreciated their way of delivering the material on motivational interviewing techniques. I especially loved their therapist-client role-play. Thank you both.

Thérèse Girard

What could be better than super motivated and motivating instructors for a workshop on motivational interviewing techniques? Thanks a lot. The workshop was very interesting, interactive and it was over far too quickly. Looking forward to seeing you for the next instalment!

Marie-Josée Thivierge // CSSS

Very relevant workshop, especially in the context of behavioural change. It consolidates our therapeutic relationship skills. The instructors’ approach is steeped in the subject of the workshop – entirely empathetic, respectful and open.

Myriam Poirier // Réadaptation OPTIMA

Even though I am in my first stumbling attempts, it works very well and very quickly.

Daniel Vinètte // Centre Jeunesse Montréal

Thank you, Jean-Marc and John! I really liked the motivational interviewing workshop. The exercises allowed us to start putting MI techniques into practice immediately. This will be very useful for me in my professional practice.

Anne-Aimée Charest-Crépeau