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How would CBT by a psychologist help my depression?

What is Depression? There are various types of depression that psychologists see in daily clinical practice. First, there is Major Depression. Some of the symptoms of Major Depression include: Persistent sadness and / or difficulty enjoying activities Lack of energy / fatigue Problems with sleep (too much or too little) Problems with appetite (eating too

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How is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder treated?

Certain kinds of medication and cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy have been shown to treat the symptoms of PTSD very effectively. Helping all patients with PTSD includes first ensuring the patient’s physical and psychological safety, and that they have access to the required medical care, and needed community resources for self-care and recovery. The patient’s level of functioning

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How are OCD treated?

How are obsessions and compulsions treated? Combining medication with cognitive-behavioural therapy is usually considered the most effective way to treat the obsessions and compulsions seen in clinical Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, OCD. Several medications are available to treat OCD. These medications are also often effective for treating other kinds of anxiety as well as depression, which are

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