Weathering the Storm

Anna discovers the silver lining using gratitude

In the past month she was forced to miss her little sister’s graduation and her dad’s surprise 60th birthday party because she couldn’t afford to make the trip. She’s upset and sad about not being with her loved ones for these momentous events.

She’s been having a hard time feeling grateful lately…and understandably so. During times of emotional hardship it’s natural to focus on what we’re missing, what’s unpleasant and what’s going badly.

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Alex finds strength in self-compassion

Alex has been recently dealing with health issues which have caused him to feel increasingly fatigued and unproductive over the last few weeks.

However, despite not feeling his best, he has lots of work to accomplish and still has deadlines to meet for his job. His instinct is to think he should try harder, but he’s upset with himself because he feels he’s not as capable as others around him.

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Julie’s anger turns to acceptance using 1 sentence

Julie is up for a big promotion and recently completed the interview to get her dream job. Since completing the process, she’s been refreshing her email constantly to see if she has heard back about the position. She’s angry she isn’t getting a response quickly enough. Every time she thinks about it, she gets upset, and it spoils her mood for the rest of the day.

What if one sentence could help Julie snap out of an irritable or angry state ?

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Simon’s Self-Talk Superpower

Since his mother got into an accident earlier this year, Simon’s made it a point to reach out to those he cares about more than usual : He calls his parents daily, chats with friends and Facetimes with his grandparents whenever possible.

Despite them all being in good health, Simon – much like his friend Sarah – is overly anxious and can’t stop thinking about worst case scenarios like “What if something happens to my loved one(s) gets sick and I lose them?’’

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Sarah’s Endless Swirl into Anxiety

For as long as she can remember, Sarah has been dealing with issues related to anxiety. 

Recently though, her anxiety levels only seem to be getting worse and they’re becoming unbearable. She’s tried all the tricks : she’s gone for a walk, listened to her favourite music, and planned movie nights with her family. Yet nothing seems to be helping with the overwhelming stress she is feeling.

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