Psychotherapy and coaching video calls online

Psychotherapy and coaching video calls online (webcam)

From wherever you may be in Quebec, a PsyMontreal psychologist is there for you offering the possibility of webcam therapy sessions.
Studies have shown that virtual therapy is as effective as face to face sessions.
Additionally, the time and cost associated with commuting will no longer be an issue.
All of our psychologists are members of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec and use cognitive behaviour therapy.

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We are currently accepting new clients for online video or phone appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of telepsychotherapy?

Telepsychotherapy increase access to psychological services. Clients who are limited by scheduling, inconvenient geographic location, medical or psychological condition or other barriers may gain access to high quality psychological care through the use of telepsychotherapy. Click here to learn more.

What is our videoconference software?

You will connect to your psychologist via Microsoft Lync Web App®, a secure videoconference program that you can download and install free of charge. The download and installation instructions are fast and simple and will be provided to you when your first appointment is confirmed. Sessions will generally occur once-weekly, at a time agreed upon by you and the psychologist. Click here to learn more.

Our Privacy Policy

PsyMontreal uses Microsoft Lync ® to provide clients with a secure videoconferencing experience. PsyMontreal’s psychologists who use telepsychotherapy are compliant with secure data storage methods, and telepsychotherapy ethics and law.

Do I need any experience ?

Not familiar with videoconferencing or with Microsoft Lync ® ? We will assist you in any and all technical aspects of the videoconferencing so that the therapy/coaching experience is as comfortable as possible.

Do I need training ?

PsyMontreal’s psychologists are licensed by the Ordre des Psychologue du Quebec, and are trained in the latest scientifically-supported treatments, and in the latest practices of videoconferencing technology.

Drop calls ?

Another concern that has been raised by some tech experts is dropped calls or when video freezes. This often has to do with the quality and speed of the Internet connection. The concern is that for some clients, especially those who are in distress or crisis, dropped calls can be disruptive. At PsyMontreal, we are aware of the disruptions caused by such technical issues, and our clinicians take into consideration that such calls may be dropped and how it may affect their clients. They also assess whether these technologies suit certain clients, with certain mental disorders or conditions, in certain settings.


Even with the best technologies, there are sometimes signal delays or interruptions. The video or audio signals may at times be delayed or choppy. In a telecommunicated conversation, an increased audio or video latency may be noticeable and distracting. With practice, such annoyances usually decrease. As well, improved internet connectivity and speed help remedy such problems. On an emotional level, eye contact plays a large role in conversational comfort and in turn-taking. Depending on the setup, it may appear that the parties in the videoconference are avoiding eye contact with each other when they may instead be looking at the camera, or the monitor. Good eye contact will obviously help the client in the therapeutic communication, and feeling comfortable emotionally. If there are issues, please discuss them with your psychologist. Your well-being is important to him/her!

In the event of a technical problem

If there is a technical problem with the video technology, your psychologist will contact you by telephone. You will discuss the plans for continuing the session by phone, or rescheduling the video session.

Legal and ethical aspects linked to telepsychotherapy

Telepsychotherapy offered by the psychologists at PsyMontréal conforms to the psychologists’ code of ethics and to the highest legal norms of Québec and Canada. Psychologists at PsyMontréal must be on the membership roll of the order of the province in which they provide their services. Click here to learn more.

In the event of an emergency

If you fear for your own safety or that of people around you, or if you are thinking about suicide, reach the emergency services (9-1-1), health information line (8-1-1), suicide prevention line (1-866-277-3553) or go see a doctor URGENTLY.

Our approach

The kind of therapy provided in Telepsychotherapy is called Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, or CBT.

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Note : We accept VISA and MASTERCARD