Julie’s anger turns to acceptance using 1 sentence

Since the onset of Covid-19, Julie’s been reading the news and watching daily press conferences, eagerly waiting to find out when things will go back to ‘‘normal’’. She’s angry she isn’t getting clear answers quickly enough. Every time she thinks about it, she gets upset, and it spoils her mood for the rest of the day.

What if one sentence could help Julie snap out of an irritable or angry state ?

Simon’s Self-Talk Superpower

Since the onset of COVID-19, Simon’s made it a point to reach out to loved ones more than usual : He calls his parents daily, chats with friends and Facetimes with his nieces and nephews.

Despite them being in good health, Simon – much like his friend Sarah – is overly anxious and can’t stop thinking about worst case scenarios like “What if my loved one(s) gets sick during this pandemic?’’

Sarah’s Endless Swirl into Anxiety

Sarah has been working on dealing with issues relating to anxiety for a while.

Recently, her anxiety levels have been through the roof. She’s tried all the tricks : she’s gone for a jog, read an interesting book, played a board game with her family. Yet nothing seems to be helping with the overwhelming stress she is feeling.

3 most common student stressors and how to overcome them.

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