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A student’s life is a journey with many twists, turns and the occasional fork in the road along the way. Every year, exams and term paper due dates coincide with romance, friendships, part-time jobs, extra-curricular activities and even snow storms.

You will no longer have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders (along with your laptop and textbooks ). Students insured under the ASEQ Health Plan now have access to a psychologist that can help them navigate the ups and downs of student life — PsyMontreal offers psychological services at preferred rates to members of Studentcare.

This exclusive offer includes:

  • Access to a psychologist at one of our many locations or from the comfort of your own home via videoconferencing
  • A 30$ discount per session for individual adult therapy or coaching. Please note that couple, family and child therapy are at our regular price.

Free online self-tests

PsyMontreal offers free online self-tests to help assess anxiety and depression severity. Start your journey to your better self today :

For more information on the exact coverage of your plan contact Studentcare at 1 866 795-4432 toll-free or visit

A psychologist can help you navigate the ups and downs of student life with more happiness, calmness, motivation and confidence.

You’re not alone.  Many students like you have benefited from psychotherapy. To learn more about the different services offered, click here.

Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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