Healthy Lifestyle

Get motivated for health behaviour changes with the clinically proven effectiveness of motivational interviewing

Are you trying to eat healthier, exercise more or undertake any other healthy behaviour change? Do you have a New Year’s Resolution you set year after year? Don’t feel discouraged if you’re having a hard time maintaining (or starting) healthy lifestyle habits. You’re not alone!

As seen in a recent Ipsos-Reid survey about resolutions, the majority of Canadians want to change their habits to become and stay healthy:

61% want to exercise more regularly
53% want to eat more nutritiously

If you know what to do to become or stay healthy, yet are having a hard time getting started or maintaining the change, the psychologists at PsyMontreal can help, using a specific method called Motivational Interviewing.

What is Motivational Interviewing?

It is a method of communication used to increase your motivation to undertake healthy behaviour changes. It has been scientifically demonstrated to increase the success of many healthy behaviours such as eating healthier and exercising more, also leading to biological changes such as weight, cholesterol and blood pressure reduction.

To find out more about how one of our psychologists can help you attain your goals with the help of Motivational Interviewing, please contact us.

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