Teletherapy | Legal and ethical implications 

Psychologists at PsyMontreal are members of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec (OPQ) and conform to a strict code of ethics. All interns working for our clinic are supervised by a psychologist, member of OPQ, and thus follow this same code of ethics. 

The procedures we follow when offering teletherapy conform to the most recent laws and federal guidelines. Privacy is crucial for PsyMontreal. We preserve the privacy of the information communicated during your teletherapy sessions, unless we have your written consent to communicate it to a third party, or their communication is required by law (ex., in a case of imminent danger to yourself or others) or by court.

Video sessions are not recorded, but your psychologist or therapist takes notes for each session, and stores them in your folder, which is kept in a secure location. These notes are helpful to document the evolution of your therapy and are required by the Order of Psychologists of Quebec. For more info on this subject, you can contact the OPQ at 514-738-1223.

At PsyMontreal, we do everything we can to ensure safety and privacy of your personal information. 

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