Our videoconferencing software

Microsoft Lync® is a unified communication tool that offers safe videoconferencing functions. MS Lync enables us to establish a close therapeutical collaboration due to an integrated download function and high capacities of whiteboard. It also has the clear benefit of enabling a client and his or her psychologist to collaborate to documents (ex., homework or educative material).

Platforms supported by MS Lync Web App®

In order to use MS Lync Web App®, you must have access to one of the following operating systems:

Windows 8 (Intel processor)
Windows 7 with Service pack 1 (SP1)
Windows Vista with Service pack (SP2)
Windows XP with Service pack (SP3)
Mac OS 10.6.0 or above (Intel processor)
iPhone or iPad with iOS 7.0 or above

Moreover, Lync Web App supports specific combinations of operating systems and browsers. For more information, see Platforms supported by Lync Web App.