Top 5 apps to increase productivity

Do you sometimes get the impression that there are too few hours in a day to get everything done? The feeling of having a million and one things to do but no idea where to start? Or better (or worse) yet, when you spend two hours watching videos on YouTube or roaming on Facebook & Twitter even though you have a monumental to do list that is waiting to get done. No need to worry, you’re not alone. It happens to all us.

Help is closer than you think. In fact, for most of us, it (often) lies in the palm of our hand. This is why we propose a top 5 list of mobile applications that will help you reach your objectives, better organize your ideas and plan your time with the ultimate goal of increasing productivity (a bonus : this new free time means more moments spent with loved ones ! )

  1. ASANA

Perfect tool to organize tasks and projects. This free program allows you to set due dates, weekly reminders and also offers the option of adding followers and assigning team leaders.


Perfect for creative minds that lack organization. This application offers the possibility of drawing and jotting down ideas during moments of inspiration. As you know, the best ideas often come to us when we least expect it (link towards blog article on brainstorming). Therefore, awesome thoughts are noted down with the intention of being explored at a later time.

  1. ANY.DO

Perfect for ‘’to do list’’ fanatics. This application allows you to quickly check-in on what needs to be done today, tomorrow and in the near future. You can also categorize tasks and attach images and comments. We will definitely be adding ‘’downloading’’ to our current to do list!

  1. LIFT

Are you constantly aiming to reach new goals but simultaneously forgetting to track your progress? Problem solved with LIFT. This application motivates you to attain objectives. You can even invite your friends to follow you and offer their support!


RESCUETIME tracks the time we spend on online applications. This app promotes accountability and offers perspective enticing users to #unplug (link to unplug and reconnect article) every now and again.

In the words of the great Andy Warhol :

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ― Andy Warhol

Ready. Set. Download.

Photo credit :  Pierre Guinoiseau