Make 2015 your most memorable year yet

Memory is a tricky thing: as hard as we may try, our memories are often imperfect recollections, bits and pieces that when strung together do not make a whole.

Here are a few tips & tricks on how to make this year quite literally the most memorable yet.

‘Take mental snapshots’  

We live in an increasingly digital world. Most of our time is spent either looking at a screen or capturing (every) moment(s) of our life with our mobile devices. A recent study has shown that taking pictures of objects makes us much less likely to remember details than when we simply observe them. Most believe that a picture is worth a thousand words…yet they also seems to hinder our memory recall.

So put down the camera. Take mental snapshots. You’ll thank us later.

‘Flock Together’  

Spending time and sharing moments with others increases our ability to recall details and makes us more aware of our surroundings. So next time you host a party, why not make it a no-phone party. Invite guests to drop their phone in a box upon arrival and only recuperate them at the end of the will no doubt be a night to remember!

This article was inspired by Ariana Moini’s Memory Bombs appearing in the February 2015 edition of Psychology Today.

Photo credit : Till Westermayer