The Best Present: Be Present – A free present with priceless value

Last month, we talked about the importance of being unplugged & reconnecting, an initiative we promoted via our #fridayunplugged posts and tweets on our social media platforms. Without a doubt, most of you have spent the last few days (weeks or even months!) roaming the malls in search of the perfect presents. In the spirit of the #unplugged initiative, this holiday season, we argue that the best gift of all cannot be found in a store or online but rather within. The best present one can offer is presence itself, a simple yet significant and priceless symbol of love.

Cherish this special time of the year by unplugging phones and computers (but not the light of the Christmas tree) and reconnecting with loved ones, looking at one another instead of computer screens, sharing laughter and smiles instead of LOL’s and emoticons.

This idea led us to think of a creative way to concretely offer our time to others. Since actions often speak louder than words, we have created a coupon for you to gift to family and friends that will allow you to share precious moments during the holidays and throughout the New Year. It’s simple: all you have to do is print the coupon and fill it in. Whatever it may be (from cooking dinner with a friend, skating with your siblings or babysitting for new parents that need some much-deserved R&R), the most important thing of all is to be truly present.

Want to give the gift that keeps on giving ?

Click here to obtain the FREE The best present : to be present coupon.

On behalf of the Zestologï team, we wish you and yours a happy #unplugged holiday season !

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Photo credit : Matteo Plotto