Organizing an efficient brainstorming session

Has dreaming up new ideas become more of a nightmare ? Although brainstorms are suppose to foster creativity and inspire productivity, they sometimes leave us feeling unsuccessful and underwhelmed. In fact, often times our best ideas come to us at the most random times : in the car, at the grocery store or even in the shower! However, at school or in a work setting,  these ah ha moments seem to be few and far apart. Therefore, brainstorming sessions are planned under the premise that two heads are better than one.

While many believe that organization and structure do not go hand in hand with creativity and innovation, it has been proven that adequate preparation and planning promote efficient brainstorming.

Here are a few tips & tricks proposed by TIME that got use excited about planning our next brainstorming session :

  • Transformation. if possible, hold your brainstorm session away from your day to day office space .
  • Warm Up. Break away from routine and get your creative juices flowing by starting the meeting off with a group game. This will foster a creative atmosphere and promote the flow of ideas.
  • Write it down. All attendees should have a pen and paper in hand.
    Take it one step further : roll out a large piece of paper and use this as an idea board to write down everyone\’s thoughts.
  • Leave the rules behind. Mix and match directors and employees from different departments! You\’ll be surprised by the results.
  • Continuity. Create a platform or space where ideas can be shared and documented. This will allow the brainstorming process to live on beyond your scheduled sessions.

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