The importance of taking time for yourself!

Today marks the beginning of the 64th annual mental health week. Organised by the Canadian Mental Health Association, the goal of this year’s edition is to remind us of the importance of taking time for ourselves.

Do you make time in your schedule to stop and breathe? With the fast pace and busy lives we lead, it may come as no surprise that the answer to this question is no. Between our many commitments and responsibilities, we often forget to simply take a moment for ourselves. A break is not necessarily synonymous with a book and cup of tea. Rather, it involves choosing something that makes you happy but that you never find time to do, a special moment just for you : whether it be jogging, supper with your friends, visiting a museum or spending time with your family, it is up to you to pick what your happy moment will be !

Whomever and wherever you may be, it is important to take time to unwind. Take care of yourself, body, mind and should.
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